Monday, August 22, 2011

Days 23 & 24

After I painted the twins room I made a quick salad. Both of the boys were not super happy about it but as soon as we started eating they were convinced. Yay for a healthy easy salad!


Wow today has been busy!! I woke up with the kids at 6:30. After feeding and diapering them it was time to feed Nick and Noah. I made an omelet that I was very proud of and Noah had cinnamon and sugar toast! Nick was off to work and so was I! I got a load of clothes started, the kids settled, then I started painting a second coat in the babies room. Once I got that done it was time for the twins to nap. Finally got them down! Next lunch for Noah and I. And more clothes. Noah and I then worked on cleaning his very messy room (E woke up and entertained herself). Once it was under control, I started hanging his clothes and pulling out the things that no longer fit. Once we finished in there L woke and it was again time to feed and diaper the twins. More clothes. Nap time for Noah (Who begged me to make cookies while he was napping). Feeding and diapers, then nap time for the twins. Noah wanted cookies SOO I baked cookies. Started writing this and of course N and E woke.
Tonight for dinner I am making side dishes. I know sounds strange. Potatoes, green beans, corn, salad. Can't wait! I really want the baked potato and corn!

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