Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 22, 2010 Take two!

We arrived at Yale Maternal-Fetal Medicine about 15 minutes prior to my appointment and sat impatiently in the waiting room. Apparently they were running behind already so we had to wait until about 9:30ish before we were called back.
I was already anxious and then I realized it was a man doing my ultrasound. Now I am not sure why this bothered me at first as I have had Male ObGyn's before. But for some reason it made me a little uneasy. As he squirted obscene amounts of blue goo on my belly I tried to relax. The lights went dim and off we went.

The ultrasound was to check all the vital organs and body parts so we had to wait awhile before he made his way to the area we really wanted to see. When we finally got there it was pretty obvious what gender the baby was, which should tell you right away Boy. My first reaction was surprisingly calm considering this was the baby I thought was the girl. I new we had one more chance for a girl so I was trying to be patient while he checked every nook and cranny of the baby. It seems like forever passes before we move on to the next baby.
Internally I am thinking alright Baby B lets do this, while another part of me has already given up hope. He is doing all the checking he did with Baby A while periodically checking the nether regions which remains closed for viewing. By the time he is done defiantly Baby B keeps there legs closed. He gives me a towel for my belly and tells me "maybe we can see later" to which I respond "later today??" he doesn't answer and heads out.
Disappointed I call my Mom. "Well Baby A is a boy but we don't know what Baby B is..."
-"Your Kidding right?" "Mom why would I kid about that?" Dr. enters "gotta go mom"

Talk, talk, talk- Alright lets take a look. YES we are going to look again. So he starts checking things out. He isn't as slow as the tech (letting us see everything) so Nick and I are confused about what we are looking at when he says Baby B is a girl.
Nick "What what?" It's a girl Me arms raised in victory "YES!"
Nick "How can you tell, I mean boys are so obvious?" Dr. "Exactly boys have no shame. If it's difficult to determine that usually means it's a girl. We look for what we call a Hamburger" He then shows us said "Hamburger" (ie- the labium, clitoris, labium).

After finding out it was one boy and one girl I felt like I was able to breath and I am sure my blood pressure reduced. I can't begin to express how blessed and excited I am!
Baby Boy Silkey

Baby Girl Silkey

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