Thursday, February 25, 2010

When it rains it pours

And I am not just talking about the awful weather we have been having lately.

So I have been taking medication to help with all my fertility issues. The Provera did its job and I started then I took the clomid. It seems as though the clomid did it's job, but I may have taken the ovulation test to early...On top of all that we found out that both Nick and I have fertility issues. I won't go into what is going on with him, but if this round doesn't work we will be going in for Insemination. I feel sad and this darn rain isn't helping.

In addition to all of this my Dad is having surgery today and so I am worried... ug what a day.

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  1. I'm so sorry Wendy. My sister is having fertility issues too. They have been trying for over 2 years to get pregnant and did one round of invetro back in the fall and it didn't work, so they are trying it again this summer since she can't take off work again this school year. If you want to talk to her, I can give you her email just to have someone else to talk to who is going through it as well. I'm hoping this works for you and ya'll end up doing it on your own! Keep positive thoughts!