Thursday, February 18, 2010

So it begins

Let the baby making begin! For the last 12 days I was taking something called Provera, this was used to start the menstrual cycle. I usually only have a period every three months or less so that doesn't help when trying to make a baby. Once I finally started I had to wait until day three to start the Clomid, which I did today.
I had some pretty noticeable side effects on the Provera. My moods were all over the place and I hate feeling that way. Most people I have talked to or read about didn't have a reaction to the Provera but they did to the Clomid. Needless to say I am worried that the Clomid is going to cause even crazier mood swings if I was affected by the Provera. I hate feeling out of control. I can catch myself at times in the moment of craziness, but usually it's after the fact when I start thinking about what got me so angry or sad. Nick and I both hope that we conceive baby #2 this go round so I don't have to go through the meds again.
The excitement that I feel right now is so crazy and yet it is kind of muted. I am afraid to get my hopes up. There are so many hurdles. First I have to ovulate, then if I do ovulate I have to time everything just right and still there is only a 20-30% chance on getting pregnant. And that percentage isn't just for me that is the chance every women has every time they ovulate and try to get pregnant. 20-30% ... No wonder they refer to every baby as a miracle ;) We just want another child so badly...
Last night we had the opportunity to see what it would be like to have 3 children, 3yrs and under. It was interesting. We babysat for a friend of mine and her daughter, who is 6 months old (?) is teething. So she was not in the greatest of moods. I ended up holding her in a sling the entire time they were here. The little boy is 3, his bday is also in April so exactly a year older than Noah. He did great, played games, watched videos, and ate all his dinner. I wish I could say the same for Noah. Even though he didn't want my attention or Nicks for that matter (he wanted to play with his friend) he didn't seem to like the fact that a lot if not all of my attention was focused on the teething baby. We finally had to take him to his room and let him have some alone time. It was a challenge but we did it. Of course if we do have 3 children they will not all be under three, unless of course by some twist of fate we have twins. That would be neat, weird, scary...
Well I better run, Noah James says "I wanna play games!" which means I see mommy with her computer and I want to play with it.
:) W

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  1. I remember Nathan being a terror until Xander napped. Wasn't about having my attn, it was about Xander not getting it. Best of luck y'all!