Thursday, February 18, 2010

Save Your Judgment

Today a man flew a small plane into a building containing IRS offices. At the moment there is no official word on fatalities; they are saying 2 ppl were injured and 1 person is missing. He left a long letter trying to explain his actions. Of course people are responding in so many ways, calling him crazy or a nut job. I say save your judgment. I DO NOT agree with his actions, but they were the actions of a broken depressed person. He was lost and financially devastated. There are thousands if not millions more people out there that face the same issues. I don't agree with his actions but I am in no place to judge him or call him names. I think the important thing to do is to pray for those affected by his actions and to keep moving forward. Name calling doesn't do anyone any good.

I'm thinking of you Austin.

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