Friday, March 19, 2010

March 19, 2010

The windows are open and it is nice having the fresh air pouring in the apartment. Things get so stale over the winter and you almost forget what if feels like to let the sun warm your skin. I sat outside today watching Noah play with a friend outside for more than an hour and it brought back so many great memories of just being a kids and soaking in the fresh air and sun. Today has been a good day. Noah and I went to the YMCA. I worked out on the treadmill while he played then we swam for about 30 minutes. We drove to East Haven to visit with a friend and pick up our bike. Now I am enjoying the silence and as I said before the fresh air. I tried to find some Spring/Summer clothes to wear today and have had no luck with the fit. I new this would happen of course but it is going to be another financial hit to have to purchase more clothes.
I hope this nice weather keeps. It is so much easier to be positive when the sun is shining.
May the sun shine where ever you are!

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