Thursday, March 18, 2010

March 18th 2010

I woke up today determined to stick with my plan to stay positive. Today thus far has been a success. I got out of bed as soon as Noah was up, granted he slept till 9am today (YAY) but I was up when he decided to wake.
As if I needed more proof that I am not pregnant I started this morning. But I am trying to stay positive and remember that If I started without medication that means I ovulated last month. So the clomid did work. Once we were dressed and I dealt with getting locked out of the house we were ready to head to the gym. The work out was great. I jogged/walked on the treadmill and then used the weight machines. Following the workout we went to have lunch with Nick at his work. It's always nice going to see him. We always get lots of stares as children and spouses don't often come to visit. Now I am sitting at home while Noah naps, enjoying the beautiful day! I am so happy we can open the windows again!
I am forcing the happy face and forcing the positive attitude, but it does seem to be working so far.
1 day at a time.

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