Friday, May 15, 2009

Week 1

As I said in my morphine state the surgery went well. It was all very routine and I woke up in recovery feeling as though my guts had been kicked in by a mule. I had a drain tube coming out of the left side of my stomach just below my breast. The tube was connected to a bulb that collects all the leakage from the surgery area. Gross I know. It really sucked having it; made it very difficult to get comfortable. Along with the drain I had a catheter; ugg! Anyone who has ever had one can tell you how much they suck. So needless to say the first 24 hours after the surgery were uncomfortable; in fact they had to increase my morphine pump because it was not controlling the pain. I had tubes everywhere and I wasn't allowed to drink anything until after the swallow test the next day.
Tuesday- I woke up early as a crowd of Doctors came into my room of course this was after nurses came in all night long checking vitals, taking blood, giving me blood thinners, and generally being annoying while I tried desperately to sleep. They checked my incisions and asked how I was feeling. Eventually I dragged Nick out of bed and sent him on some errands. Just in time for the PA to come in and remove my catheter- WOO HOO! I then got to shower off the lower half of my body. As I still had IV's and the drain I couldn't wash my hair or up body.
I was supposed to be taken for my swallow test early but that didn't happen, Nick arrived around 11am and sometime after that they took me for the swallow test. Now this sucked royally! I had to swallow this dye mixture and then barium. Both were disgusting. The dye more so than the barium. But to make maters worse I had to go to the bathroom for the first time since they pulled the catheter. I had to hold it though because they were measuring my output. They finished the test; all looked good; then they had to call transport. Transport takes a while and when she finally arrived, I informed her that I needed to go and bad. Thankfully she kicked into high gear and got me to my room. Now that I got the all clear from the test I was able to have 1ounce of water every hour. That's right folks an entire shot glass! Now I had planned on going home that day but I was still in pain, tired, and hadn't even graduated to ensure yet. So I agreed with the Doctor to stay another night. Nick however had to go get the baby and run errands. While he was gone they came and pulled the drain, removed the iv tubes but left the iv in just in case and I was able to shower!!! Man that felt wonderful!
Around 5pm Nick came back with Noah. It took about 30 minutes before Noah felt comfortable laying in bed with me. I am sure it was an odd sight seeing mommy laying in a strange room looking pitiful with tubes taped to her arms. But eventually he curled up with my in bed. He even turned around and wanted me to cuddle him to sleep. Eventually Nick and Noah had to head home. They needed to eat and Noah needed to go to bed. I went for a walk in the hall before my bedtime.
That night was rough! I ended up with a low grade fever and I was in a lot of pain. It felt like it went on forever. Around 4am I decided to get out of bed and I fell asleep in the chair; sadly it was more comfortable. I woke again around 6am and just got up. I put some normal clothes on and walked the halls. I saw the gaggle of doctors, nurses and my surgeon. Around 10 am I got to "eat" for the first time in 3days. I got 2 ounces of ensure. MMMM... ;) Once that went down smoothly I was able to go home. So I gave it two hours and right around noon I was checking out.
It is great to be home. I am sore and tired still but it's a lot more comfortable. I keep getting low grade fevers but I am not worried. It's pretty normal after a surgery to have low grade; as long as they don't get to high I am not going to worry about infection. The weight is just falling off. I mean how can it not? I am allowed to "eat" 2 ounces of Boost, slim fast, ensure, or carnation instant breakfast 3 times a day. Half the time I can't finish what I am alloted. I have already dropped 7lbs in 4 days. Once I get back to the gym it will start coming off real fast! I am excited but scared. I know what happens to a persons body when they loose weight quickly and saggy skin sometimes seems worse than fat. I know the insurance will cover abdomanol reconstructive surgery; but that is a way scarier surgery than the bypass.
I will start posting some pictures as soon as I find the cable for my camera.

Oh- Huge thank you goes out to my new friend Jessika who kept Noah for us while I was having surgery and overnight so Nick could stay with me.
I know Sara wishes she were here and that means a lot! She is here in her own way. :) I have been getting a lot of support. I am glad people don't look down on me; thinking this is the easy way out. I promise, nothing about what I am going through is easy and I am glad because I think people know that. I have delt with my weight my entire life and it feels good to know that my hormones and genetics won't beat this surgery. It feels good to know that I can look forward to being a size I haven't been since Jr. High. It feels AMAZING to know that I am making my life longer and better. It feels great to know that Noah won't remember a fat mommy. He will remember a healthy mommy. :)
Well I better go. I need to rest while Noah is resting. He takes a lot out of me right now. It's hard to keep up when I am not allowed to lift anything heavier than 10lbs.

I'll update next week!


  1. This is so amazing to read about. I'm so glad you are okay and feeling better. I know it must be hard not getting to pick up your baby for a while. I know how mine get when I don't pick them up! I'll be checking back to hear about the progress! You are awesome for doing this for yourself and your family.

  2. In the least, this is good practice for what its like to recover from a c-section with a toddler at home. : )

  3. I had a C-section so I will probably have to have another. I guess I can look at it as a learning tool. :) Although Nick will take more time off when baby number 2 comes around. :)

  4. I can't wait to see pics! Love you guys!