Monday, May 4, 2009

Let the count down begin

In just one week I will be having Gastric Bypass Surgery. I got the all clear today from my Internist. My blood sugar was a little elevated but they did not have me fast so it was likely high due to the fruit loops I had for breakfast. No Diabetes. So that's good news. I go see Dr. Bell, my surgeon, on Thursday. He is supposed to go over the details of my surgery and answering any of my questions. Most of my concerns fall into the after the surgery category. I am most curious about how quickly the weight will come off, if I do the plan properly. I have to purchase a bridesmaids dress soon and am going to have to guess the size. Once I finish up with Dr. Bell I go have some blood drawn and meet with the anesthesiologist. This is a first for me. I have never met the anesthesiologist prior to a surgery. Honestly it makes me feel better to meet them. The anesthesia is the most dangerous part of the surgery. I mean Dr. Bell is going in Laparoscopically and the risks are generally the same as having your gallbladder removed. Anesthesia done wrong or if you have an allergy to can be fatal. So it's a nice feeling knowing they are checking my blood and talking with me first.
Due to all the Swine Flu craziness, Noah is going to stay with one of our friends while I have the surgery. I am kind of bummed he won't be there when I go in and come out, but it's better for his safety. But Nick will be there :)

Oh also today we went in for Noah's check up. He was a little below the 5oth % for weight, he was in the 75th % for his height and he was in the 90th % for his head. :) My little brainiac. He has a big head like his daddy. He had three shots and oh my god did I feel awful. Getting shots actually gets worse with age. He has started to pull away more and he screams and gets all sweaty. I was prepared though I not only brough his nuk (pacifier) but I brought a lolli pop. Why Doctors stopped giving those I will never know. It worked like a charm. A few minutes cuddeling and a lolli; you would never have known he was just screaming his head off.
Well I better run. I have to figure out what to make for dinner.

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