Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

 One day you will learn about the events that happend a mear 25 miles from our home. The deaths of children your age and women Mommy's age. One day you will realize how lucky we are to still have each other. We are a lucky family Baby. We have each other still and your innocence is intact. You still believe you can be an astronaut so you can be with "Star Wars" and be a Jedi. Santa still comes down the chimney and travels the world in one night. The tooth fairy magically takes your teeth away. My hugs and kisses can console and cure you. But one day the innocence that I am fighting to keep for you will fade. On this day let me first say; I am so sorry but unlike Peter Pan we all grow up and learn the truths that aren't always beautiful and magical.
Next don't ever let this world push you down. Yes bad things happen. Sandy Hook can never be explained. Nothing can console the families and community. People will move on but like a scar, even if it fades it's still there. Our job though is to keep living and to find the magic where we can. 20 children and 7 women will never again have the chance to live and find magic. I and I hope you will live well for them.
Baby in the wake of this horrible event love and friendship has poured from around the world. A man took lives but the world is trying to lift up an entire community. There is magic in that. There is magic in the donations, toys, cards, and words of love from strangers. There is magic in men and women standing side by side to pay respect.
One day you will know the truth. Life isn't pretend magic. Life is real magic. It may be harder to see or find, but all things worth having are worth fighting for. Find the real magic in your life and I promise it will be a happy one.
I love you Baby, every moment of everyday.

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