Tuesday, December 18, 2012

An Open Letter to Bryan Fischer and Mike Huckabee

Dear Sirs, (though I think neither of you deserve the address)

Sandy Hook hit very close to my heart. I am still in a fog of sadness and grief for the families.
I am a resident of Connecticut. I live 25 miles from Newtown. My Husband works with people who have been traumatized by this event and I think just about everyone in the state has a friend or a friend of a friend who lost someone or was traumatized. I am also the mother of 3 beautiful children. A 5 year old Kindergartener and 2 year old twins. I was a 1st grade and Kindergarten teacher prior to staying at home with our children.

Now that you know who I am let me respond to the remarks you made following the horrific incidence that occurred in our state.
First lets just read those comments so we can be clear.

Mr. Fischer you first;
The question is going to come up, where was God? I though God cared about the little children. God protects the little children. Where was God when all this went down. Here's the bottom line, God is not going to go where he is not wanted.

Now we have spent since 1962 -- we're 50 years into this now--we have spent 50 years telling God to get lost, telling God we do not want you in our schools, we don't want to pray to you in our schools, we do not want to pray to your before football games, we don't want to pray to you at graduations, we don't want anybody talking about you in a graduation speech...
In 1962 we kicked prayer out of the schools. In 1963 we kicked God's word out of ours schools. In 1980 we kicked the Ten Commandments out of our schools. We've kicked God out of our public school system. And I think God would say to us, 'Hey, I'll be glad to protect your children, but you've got to invite me back into your world first. I'm not going to go where I'm not wanted. I am a gentlemen.
Source HuffPost Religion
Now you Mr. Huckabee
"We don't have a crime problem, a gun problem or even a violence problem. What we have is a sin problem," Huckabee said on Fox News. "And since we've ordered God out of our schools, and communities, the military and public conversations, you know we really shouldn't act so surprised ... when all hell breaks loose."
Source HuffPost Politics

So we are on the same page? Great, then let me just say;

How could you be so awful and ignorant. You are both supposed to be Men of Faith.  Do you truly understand the teachings of God, of Jesus? 
Among the dead there was more than one faith represented and I would bet that even among those of shared faith it was worshiped differently for each of them.  To say that this happened because we don't "allow" God into our schools is reckless and ridiculous. God, who ever your God may be, is not in a building. God is in your heart. In your mind. In the way we live and the way we treat others. God is in the living things of this world.  God cannot be kept out of a building. God is carried through the doors of buildings everyday on the hearts of those who believe. Prayer may not be mandated in school, you may not be required to open with a hymn and a prayer, but it is not forbidden either. Believers all over this country say prayers all day long. Silent or aloud. Believers gather for prayers at flag poles or in clubs after school. I had students who would say a prayer before biting into their sandwich. Where was God? Well, God was with each and everyone of the victims. Gods heart broke, because he too is a parent.  I don't pretend to have an answer for Why all this happend or Why any bad thing happens to good people. I do however know one thing, it wasn't because God let it happen. 

So Sirs, maybe you should spend sometime reading the bible and praying on your own. Oh and one other word of advice; If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. 


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