Sunday, November 25, 2012

Starting again

So couch to 5k was quite a bit easier for me than I imagined. Within a few days I was walking/joging/running more than the 5k. Then life threw another wrench in things as it often does. The kids got sick. One had a ear infection, then they both had horrible colds that wouldn't pass. Then it was my turn. I had a painful ovarian cyst, that just wouldn't quite and a few other issues that caused a lot of pain. We had a hurricane and a huge snow storm. Life, right? I have really been thinking about my lack of progress this last 9 months and I don't feel at all guilty. Really I dont.
I stopped breast feeding and I have gained about 20 lbs. Having 2 year old (or will be 12/8) doesn't make getting regular exercise easy. While chasing them around gives me some what of a work out it is nearly enough. Most gyms don't offer childcare and those that do, offer it sporadically and for a cost. It really ranges. The most affordable is the Y, but they are a bit of a drive away so I worry I won't have enough time between putting kiddo #1 on the bus and getting him off the bus at 11:30am (Thanks half day kinder). Another option is LA fitness. They have crazy weird pricing for adults but for kids (and they just offer child watch, nothing for the kids to do like at the Y) its an additional $10 per month per child (no sibling discount.)  The last place is even further away and charges $5 for the first child per visit and $4 for each sibling each visit! Who on earth can afford that! So I came to this conclusion; I am going to have to wake very early each morning, before hubby goes off to work, and jog. Once I get home I am going to have to try and find clever ways to tone. Maybe lifting milk jugs full of water?? Who knows.
Why don't I feel guilty? Well, it's not like I am in love with the extra 20lbs I packed on, but I have maintained since those came on. I gained those very shortly after the twins quit nursing. With as much as they nursed I am very lucky it wasn't more. Over the last few months I have been busy being a mom and wife. I can't feel guilty about 20lbs if I have done a great job taking care of my family. Now with the Holidays upon us, I want to make sure I keep working on living healthy. I do want to loose the 20lbs I gained. I was at my goal weight before, I'd like to be there again. I want to tone my body and be in shape. But I refuse to feel guilty about the days, weeks, and sometimes months that pass as I put things I value more first.

So here is my goal for now. Next week I want to run/jog/walk at least three mornings. Not a difficult task to some, but depending on how well the twins sleep it might be difficult for me! :-)
Until next time.

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