Friday, May 18, 2012


I pledged to myself that I would work on getting in the best shape of my life. Little did I know weather and womanly cycle would f things up! So yes it rained a lot but I was also in the most horrendous moods thanks to mother nature. I finally went out on my first couch to 5k run last night and did far better than I ever expected. Katy Perry's "teenage dream" was my soundtrack and I must say it really cheered me on! I decided to be brave and post a pic of me post work out. Yes,  I have lost 130lbs, Yes I had a tummy tuck but No I do not at all feel thin or sexy. Yes I stil need to tone my body but I have always been honest and up front. So here is my soft body! Working it's way to hard.


  1. You look great! So hourglassy. Yeah, that's a word.

  2. I think you look A Mazing!!!! you forgot to mention the 3 babies that tummy held--you look great, maybe I will get off of my couch......!