Saturday, February 4, 2012

Noah's Valentines Day Stella & Dot Picks!

So while I was brushing up on my S & D knowledge my 4 year old Noah decided he was going to pick his favorites. I asked him why on each, some reasons way cuter than others! Here are his picks!

Heiress Hoops- Gold
"Because they look like Hula Hoops!"

Zahara Bib Necklace "I like all the colorful beads!"

Serenity Stone Drops "OOO, These because they are GREEN. That's my favorite color!"

Odyssey Ring- Turquoise "I like Blue, Black, and Green!"

Stackable Gem Rings "It's sparkly and colorful!"

Copa Necklace "I like the jewel at the bottom and all the colorful green beads!"

Threaded Turquoise Necklace "It's so long!"

Odette Cuff "It's squiggly!"

Bianca Tassel Necklace "The bottom beads look like eyes!"

Medina Bib Necklace "They look like flowers!"

What ever his reasons the boy has good taste!

1 comment:

  1. Noah is too cute and stylish! I hope to make your next shindig!