Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June 9, 2010

I took the book back and no longer have the monthly questions, so there goes that idea. :)

The last month has been impossible. If I didn't feel awful, I was so tired from feeling awful that I didn't want to do anything. The last few days have been better so I am hoping this is a turning point. 2nd trimester was the easiest with Noah so I am hoping the same with happen with the twins.
Today we had our ultrasound screening done for Down Syndrome. Both of the babies fell within normal ranges, now we wait for the blood test results. Basically it tells us the risk. I am not really worried, what ever happens, happens. I found out today that during this pregnancy I will be having an ultrasound monthly and then bi-monthly. I am kind of excited about getting to see the babies so often. The doctor said that 1/2 of all twins are born before 36weeks and by monitoring they can determine which babies will fall in to which half.

Tomorrow Nick and I will have been married for 4yrs. It's funny that it's only been 4yrs. We have dated off and on for so long 4 years seems like nothing in the grand scheme of things. We still haven't made a decision on what we are going to do, which kind of gets on my nerves. Oh well.

That is about all that I have been up to recently. I will try to get back on sooner rather than later. :)

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