Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 4, 2010

Gaining Weight....
Everyone knows I had Gastric bypass, it was a year ago on May 11th. I have lost about 120lbs and now I am pregnant with Twins and possibly triplets! So weight gain has been on my mind. Yes weight gain is perfectly normal when pregnant and my concern is not new. When I was pregnant with Noah I only wanted to gain 15lbs, I was way more over weight then but still. Now I am reading and depending on how many babies I could gain anywhere between 40 and 60 lbs!! OMG That freaks me out. I know I need to make sure I eat enough for the babies, but is that much weight gain really necessary to nourish me and the babies? With Noah I gain 22lbs and then another 8lbs at the very end of straight water weight (you should have seen my feet!). Being as over weight as I was with Noah I did a good job not gaining to much, but I wasn't eating as healthy as I do now. Isn't it reasonable to think that if I eat healthy and keep as active as possible that the babies and myself will get everything we need with out gaining 60lbs??
I know it sounds like I am being selfish, but if I gain 60lbs being healthy and active then I gain 60 lbs. But the idea that it is a rule of thumb and normal kills me. I mean 60 lbs in 9 months is a lot of weight...

YAY! I planted my garden today! It felt so good getting the tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapenos, and flowers planted. I may plant some other things but I am not sure just yet. I should probably plant a leafy veggie or maybe a root veggie...yum... I can't wait for it to start growing. Our crop of Tomatoes were soooo good last year.

Being Pregnant
So it's weird that I already feel pregnant. Tomorrow is 7weeks and my belly has already started to round and firm. I am tired all the time and I feel like I am always hungry. This is going to be a long pregnancy if I am already feeling it this early!

Twins or Triplets
So in my head I started prepping myself for triplets. I figured it would be easier to step back the planning. I thought hey it will be less overwhelming if you plan on having three now, rather than add on later. Well my head didn't consider my heart... So in my heart I have already started loving three babies. Not smart of me considering it could only be two, then I will feel sad, like I have lost a child. And who knows I could have lost the third or it could have just been an abnormal blip on the screen. I know I will be fine, but I probably should have considered everything before I started planning on having three kiddos.

Boy or Girl
I really really really really (I could keep going) hope that there is at least 1 girl in there. I want a daughter so bad! Don't get me wrong, little boys are a blast and I adore being a boy mom, but I want a little girl too! But we won't know anything until July... Oh the wait is going to suck! Ideally if it's 3 I would love 1 boy and 2 girls that way we are even. If it's twins as long as 1 is a girl I am cool (I will be cool with 2 boys, but beyond happy with a girl)

Well it's nap time for Noah, so I better wrestle him to bed. Have a great day!

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  1. I read something recently about new pregnancy weight gain guidelines in the NYTimes, and here's an article on it from Web MD: