Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3, 2010

So I checked out this great book from the library; The Hot Mom to be Handbook and it has monthly journal questions that I want to answer. It being a library book I think they would generally look down on me writing in the book, so I figured I would answer the questions here!

Month One (I am technically 6.5 weeks along but close enough)

1. What were your first words or thoughts when you found out you were pregnant?
My first thought was its about time! I sat in the bathroom at 4am and cried tears of pure joy. I wanted so badly to wake Nick, but waited for him to wake.

2. What are you the most excited about? What do you fear the most?
I am most excited about completing our family. For Noah to have siblings to play with. I am most afraid of not having enough time for Noah. He has been our everything for 3yrs and by the time the babies come it will be almost 4. I don't want him to feel sad about the change that is going to occur. I hope that Nick and I are able to balance the needs of the babies and Noah.

3. What was the funniest thing that someone said or did when you told them about "the bun"?
Well I guess that honor goes to Nick. I sent Noah in with a big brother tshirt and told him to show daddy. So Nick sees the shirt and instead of looking at me with a "really we are?" face he looked at the shirt and was like yeah it's nice. I said did you read it, and he said yeah where did that come from. So I whispered into Noah's ear to tell daddy that "mommy was going to have a baby" but Noah said "I want mommy to have a baby" to which Nick responded I know, I know we are working on it. Finally I looked at him and said, "No Mommy IS going to have a baby." Finally he got it! He thought the shirt was a hand me down we got from a friend or something...

4. Once you are pregnant you notice every baby in the world. How many babies did you see today?
Well I didn't leave the house today so the only babies I saw were on tv. I guess 4-5 maybe..

Well that's all for this journal, no worries I will be back with another one soon as I hit 2 months very soon!

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