Saturday, October 1, 2011

Snip Snip here and a Snip Snip there!

And I am not talking hair, although that reminds me I want to get my hair done!

Everyone who reads this and most ppl who know me, know I had Gastric Bypass surgery. One of THE best decisions I have ever made for myself. Well one of the downsides of the rapid weight loss is sagging skin. Anyone who has lost 130lbs will tell you their skin never really went back to normal. I have inches of skin that hang on my arms, legs, rear, and stomach. Nothing can be done about skin, except to remove it; hence the snip snip in the title. Well Yale Health plan wins again! They are going to cover a tummy tuck and possibly a breast reduction/lift! If I can prove it medically necessary they will approve my arms and legs. I just have to talk with my Doctor. I am excited, scared, anxious... lots of feelings about the surgery. The tummy tuck will take about two hours to perform and I will go home with several drains. I would be on restricted movement for two weeks (super easy to do with twins!) and I could start working out again after 6 weeks. The Doctor was suggesting November! But I am thinking February. We will be stuck indoors anyway and it's far enough after the holidays that family might be able to come out to help. Also Nick will have to take time off for the holidays and the surgery, so I don't want to much time back to back. My hope is that I can get my arms covered and do both at the same time. I asked what it would cost out of pocket; for the low low price of 6,800 I can have the skin on my arms removed! So that was my experience with the Plastic Surgeon. When I know more or a date is set I will update!

In other news my sister comes to visit in a few days! Yay!

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