Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cheers to the Ladies! oh and 2 men ;-)

I have been in a funk. The day of my bday was pretty crappy. I woke to a dirty house and no fan fair. This coming from a girl who on her birthday was woke by her mother singing to her, was always taken out for or cooked her favorite dinner, and usually had a party. Needless to say I was bummed. I have to thank a few ppl who made it better!

Heather- Knowing she was going to be out of town. Purchased cupcakes and wine and had me over to celebrate early!

Jesse- Even though you have a bad knee we walked all over down town New Haven having a blast. I know my fellow Texans were over whelming but I am SOOOO glad we went out!

Rachel and Kathleen- I am looking forward to Brunch and a special girls day! You are wonderful to me and my kiddos!!

Miss Sara! Who lets me vent and makes me feel better even 1800 miles away.

Jodi- You never forget and you are always so excited to wish me a happy birthday.

To all my friends who wished me a special day, thank you.

Mom and Dad- You never let this day go by with out making me feel truly loved. I know you are happy I was born, because every year you make sure to let me know and make me feel special. Your words about being proud of me fill me up and make me strong, because in life If I can make you proud I am doing a pretty good job. I love you both so much!

Nick- You may not be the best when it comes to bday celebrations but you are the best husband for me. Thank you so much for letting me run around with my friends while you keep our kids at home. I would be so lost with out you. 17 31707 1 ;-) I know you get that.

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