Thursday, July 21, 2011

And I'm back again!

Wow... I kind of dropped of the map for a while. I guess it's a forgivable offense; since I can play the twin card. It's so much more difficult than I ever imagined. I always get asked "How do you do it?" and the only accurate response is "I have NO Idea!"
Life seems to be speeding by and all I can do is keep up. The twins are demanding and Noah is even more so than usual (the competitor in him has come alive)!
Our day usually starts at 6:30am when one of the twins wakes to eat. Shortly after the other is awake and we are kissing daddy goodbye. Noah usually wakes around 7:30. And the running begins. Feeding, diapering, playing repeat. And that is just the twins. Noah is usually asking me to play with him, take him outside, make him food, or give him a drink. It's exhausting.

But. I am realizing how lucky and complete my life is. Nick and I have gone through so much together. We were children when we first met and now look at us. It's so amazing getting to spend my days with my best friend. I feel like we have grown stronger as a couple since moving. With no other family around we depend on each other so much more! Communication is also something we have gotten better at. We share everything; good and bad. As tired as I am at the end of everyday I wouldn't have it any other way and couldn't imagine doing it with any one but Nick.

Noah is amazing. While he drives me crazy with the over 400 questions he asks a day (I seriously want to keep a ticker to see how many), I love that he is this little funny person. He is reading like crazy. Nick and I have given up on spelling things. Our new tactic is to spell backwards. He loves numbers and like I said asks questions about everything. I am so excited for him to start school. This next year he is still going to be in pre-k but will be attending 3 times a week. Being a Big Brother suits him well. He is great with the twins. He is always helping me and I couldn't be more proud.

Liam is adorable and growing so quickly. This week he has been taking two long naps! He is sitting up on his own and only falls periodically now. Instead of crawling he is scooching on his rear across the room. I think he will be crawling sooner than later. He does this singing-talking thing that is adorable.

Ellie is my stubborn little clone. She is so girly too! Usually she is a good sleeper but she is either getting more teeth or is having a growth spurt because boy has she been fussy. She is also sitting up well, but falls over more often than her brother. She doesn't really scooch on her rear like Liam but when she is on her back she gets around. I say she is stubborn because she doesn't want to bear weight on her feet, she won't eat solids or take a bottle. She wants what she wants and will not give in. She is talking and cooing too. She says dadada, gaga, and maaaa. :) Her little girl voice is super cute.

Nick is doing well. He is quitting smoking again and doing a wonderful job. Work has been stressful. I think it's difficult for him to balance the chaos at home with the chaos at work. He is trying so hard and I appreciate him more everyday.

As for me I am doing ok. TIred for the most part but that's part of the job. The weight loss has gone well. All the weight I gained during the pregnancy fell off pretty quickly. I have about 16 more pounds to loose before I reach my ultimate goal. I was approved for the skin removal surgery. I am really nervous about that. It's supposed to be very painful and can take up to 6 weeks to recover. I'm not sure how that's going to work with 3 kids! But it's something I really want to do. I am excited about my body but the skin makes me self-conscious. I'll figure it out. :)
Well it's now 9:52pm, it only took 5 hours to finish 1 entry. Ahh I love those kids!
Good night!

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