Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stress and Saddness

The last few weeks have been... I don't really know how to describe them.

Let me start by saying that my very best and dearest friend lost her Mom. I didn't know JoD all that well but in the short time I had the honor of knowing her she taught me a lot about compassion, love, and strength. JoD lived life with a smile and a kind word for everyone. Though she struggled she lived life to it's fullest. I know she is proud of the family she helped raise. I am glad to know that she is dancing somewhere now, watching over her family with infinite love. Her death broke my heart in so many different ways. I am so far from home and I feel awful not being there for Sara. I know there was little if not nothing I can do to shield her from the pain she is feeling but the fact that I can't be there to try....

I am glad I wrote about that first. It really helped me put the rest in perspective. Nothing I am going through right now can compare. And I should be grateful.

My trip to Texas for the Bachelorette party-
This is a huge source of stress for me. I am not really worried about the actual party, I think I could plan it in my sleep and I have the beautiful Jessi working with me. I am worried about leaving Noah. I have never been so far away from him ever and I have never spent that much time away from him. Nick also has never had him all on his own. Please don't get me wrong; Nick is a great dad, but he doesn't know all of Noah's little idiosyncrasies like I do. I am going to miss my little man so much! I know I am going to have a blast when I get there, it's just getting there.

Being a Landlord- Sucks; especially when your forever away and have to get things done by proxy! and that is about all I am going to say about that. Except THANK YOU JESS AND SARA!

On the positive Nick and I are really enjoying going to our Church. It is a Unitarian Universalism church; which really embraces our liberal beliefs. It's nice and we so far really like it! I am working with the Youth Group and am really excited. I am still doing the Junior League. We are deciding on our provisional project tonight. Looking forward to that, I just hope everyone stays civil. I noticed a few slight tempers and attitudes last week.
Weight loss is going ok. I tend to hit this slumps every now and again. I am staying at my current weight, but I'm sure it will start dropping again soon. It's like the body just needs a day or two to balance out. I have also had the munchies a lot lately; which sucks when your stomach is the size of a golf ball.

Well I better run. Hope life is treating you well!

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  1. Wendy--enjoyed your blog. Very sweet words about Jo D., I know Sara appreciates it.

    I recently started blogging here, and I love it!

    Feel free to check mine out at

    Laura K.